The Team


Casey is a multi-lingo English Scuba Diving instructor who lives permanently here on Koh Tao. "Diving is the closet feeling to being in outer space!" .After 2 long years training in Australia he decided to travel to Kot tao and has never be able to leave. He teaches from Open-Water courses all the way to Divemaster and 5 specialty courses.  

Jonathan is a multi-lingo German Master Scuba Diver Trainer who directly fell in love with Koh tao! "Amazing people and a laid back vibe on the whole island". "The diving is the best, to receive a professional optimal training all year round" One of the thousand reasons he became a diving instructor is meeting so many different people and just enjoying the passion of diving with them. It is an honor for him to inspire and teach others to a new world under the sea! 

Luke is a multi-lingo thai Scuba Instructor who also lives permanently in Koh Tao."I still can't believe we can breath underwater!". "There's only 29% earth in this world and i get to explore the other 71%" She's been diving here in Koh Tao for many years and knows the dive sites like the back of her hand. Luke's claims she's reached enlightenment being able to work and live on this beautiful we call paradise.