Reviews from our customers. 

Amazing staff! Amazing time! Incredible program!


       Loved my time with scubadoo! Casey and his team were patient, understanding, and a great time! Thoroughly loved my time and would recommend to anyone that is interested in diving!! - TripAdvisor

Best decision!


          In Koh Tao you might get overwhelmed with different diving schools trying to sell themselves aggressively to you. This is not the case with Scubadoo - i ran into this place accidentally and slowly got to know the people there. This is why i stuck with them - they are a family of friendly, caring and experienced divers who are fully passionate about diving and interested in new enthusiasts rather than making money out of someone’s attendance. My instructor was Luke and I couldn’t have imagined being in better hands! (Though Casey also seemed like such an amazing person!) I always felt safe and secure meanwhile having fun experiencing and engaging with underwater world. No doubt it was the highlight of my whole trip. I miss this place. I miss these people. I need to come back! - TripAdvisor

Super positive, fun, and patient

     These guys get it ! Great diving with new equipment. No rushing like it's some sort of competition. Chill, friendly, super positive attitude. You come out of a dive feeling great and ready for more. Will gladly dive with these guys again ! - TripAdvisor

Coolest Dudes on the island!

     Did my open water course with these cool dudes!, Loved it so much I ended up coming back for my Advanced and a load of fun dives! They are so knowledgeable not just about diving but also the island and will do everything they can to make your stay more comfortable. 

If I could give more stars I would! -TripAdvisor