Discover Local Dive 

Our dive sites offer a wide range of environment from deep offshore pinnacles to clam sandy bay. During your stay on Koh Tao if you are already certified diver you should definitely visit our local dive sites around Koh Tao.

At Scubadoo we are going out on the boat everyday 2-3 trips a day. Morning trip consists with 2 dives also the afternoon trip and at Night consists 1 dive. On the boat we have literally everything you need like coffee, hot chocolate, tea, biscuits, tropical fresh fruits, drinking water and fresh water for shower. First floor for setting up your diving gear also 2 toilets on the boat. Second floor has dining area and dry area for your personal belonging to avoid it from getting wet.And the top floor is a big wide sun deck.

Price : 2 dives = 2,000

           4 dives = 3,600

           6 dives or more = 800/dive


The price all include everything even equipment and dive guide

Visit our dive sites gallery what we can see on our dives.

Visit the Premium Dive sites that you definitely have to check it out during your stay.